Leading company in the field of Pulverizers and Shredders.

The strength

Undeniable Technological Expertise

Since its founding 70 years ago, Horai has worked as a specialty manufacturer of shredders and pulverizers to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from large companies to small plants, refining its technological expertise in the process. Using this undeniable technological expertise, Horai has grown into a leader that boasts a high market share in the shredder and pulverizer market. Going forward, we will continue to develop products that meet the needs of our customers and the demands of our changing world.


An integrated system,
from consulting
to maintenance

Shredders and pulverizers add value as part of the system that operates on a line.
It is therefore necessary to build a system that is complete in various facets, such as overall line balance and aspects of maintenance that will affect operating costs in the future.
At Horai, we provide shredder and pulverizer systems that afford strong productivity and cost performance made possible by our wealth of experience and long track record.

In addition, we have created an after-sales follow-up system to allow customers to use our products with peace of mind for years to come after their installation.



Horai offers a lineup ranging from small runner pulverizers with outputs of 0.5 hp to large shredders providing 300 hp to meet all customer needs.
And if provided with any of a wide range of samples to be shredded or pulverized, including injection, extrusion, and blow molded products, film and sheet molded products, and industrial and factory waste, Horai is able to propose the most suitable product based on our own internal shredding and pulverization tests.