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70th HORAI

For 70 years since its founding, Horai has promoted recycling in industry with the effective use of scrap material and resources produced through its manufacturing activities.
“Eliminating needless waste”—These words by the founder, Hirofumi Suzuki, continue as a management policy today. And it is this idea that has helped Horai become a unique company with world-leading pulverizing technology.

Using its ability to flexibly meet the new demands of the future, Horai will continue to contribute to industrial development and the global environment.


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Rather than consider just power consumption or the processing capacity of single machines, we propose shredder and pulverizer systems that offer strong productivity and cost performance based on a comprehensive perspective.
Here, we showcase some of the technological expertise found at Horai.

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  • Pulverizers(Injection, extrusion, and blow molding)

  • Pulverizers(Film and sheet molding)

  • ShreddersSingle-axis rotation, Dual-axis rotation

  • Hydraulic cutters and crushers