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Product Introduction

Soft material pulverizers

Soft material pulverizers capable of clean grain sizes and low noise

Soft material pulverizers


Achieves low noise with low-speed rotation and tilted blade. A unique rotary blade with a sharp cutting edge provides a clean crushed product with little powder and fine particles. With a simple screen receiving / opening / closing operation, screen replacement, blade replacement / adjustment can be performed smoothly, and the crushing chamber can be easily cleaned. The rotary blade is an advance / retreat adjustment type, and even if grinding is repeated, the outer diameter is always kept in the optimum state, and the processing capacity and particle size are always stable.

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Series lineup

Model name ZI-420
Motor 6P 5.5kW
Unit dimensions 1,200mm(W)
Unit weight 630kg
Model name SR-360
Motor 6P 2.2kW
Unit dimensions 700mm(W)
Unit weight 340kg

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