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Product Introduction

Soft, elastomer runner pulverizers

Pulverizers for soft, elastomer runners, etc.

Soft, elastomer runner pulverizers


In pursuit of the sharpness of Horai's original helical cutter, the speed is reduced to reduce the sudden pulling sound and crushing sound of the material. In addition, we have achieved clean crushing of soft runners and elastomer runners, which was difficult with conventional crushing.

Shattered video

Series lineup

Model name SWK-1618
Motor 6P 0.75kW
Unit dimensions 560mm(W)
Unit weight 200kg
Model name SWK-1636
Motor 6P 2.2kW
Unit dimensions 700mm(W)
Unit weight 340kg

Pulverization sample

Elastomer runners with a hardness level of 20

PP & elastomer runners

LLDPE runners

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