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Product Introduction

Sheet pelletizers
Low sheet pulverizers

This series is capable of cutting sheets into rectangular pellets

Low sheet pulverizers


Horai's unique know-how is incorporated into the basic mechanism of vertical cutting and then horizontal cutting while picking up, realizing the production of pellets with a clean and well-cut surface.
Demonstrate high efficiency and excellent productivity with the minimum miscut rate.
You can easily replace the blade, adjust the cutting edge clearance between the rotary blade and the fixed blade, and clean when changing materials or colors.

Shattered video

Series lineup

Model name SOG-220
Motor 1.5/2.2kW
Unit dimensions 760mm(W)
Unit weight 660kg
Model name SOG-350
Motor 2.2/3.7kW
Unit dimensions 1,050mm(W)
Unit weight 900kg
Model name YOG-350
Motor 4P 3.7kW
Unit dimensions 1,080mm(W)
Unit weight 600kg

Samples of cut sheets

ABS sheets

PC sheets

PE sheets

PP sheets

Soft PVC sheets

Rigid PVC sheets

EVA sheets

OPP sheets

Corrugated plastic

Fluororubber sheets

Aluminum cans

Pulp sheets

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