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Product Introduction

Sewage treatment shredders

Sewage treatment shredders


Since it is a continuous shearing type that uses the entire circumference edge of the rotary blade, the effective shearing area per rotation is large, and because it is a highly efficient full-volume passage type, it has a large processing capacity, and fibers, soft and hard plastics, and rubber. Large bulky objects such as thin metals can be directly crushed.
Due to the scraping action of the comb-shaped scraper, the entire amount can be quickly discharged without clogging or wrapping of strings, cloth, film, etc.
Since the continuous shearing type by low-speed rotation does not put an excessive load on the claw blade, vibration and noise are small, dust is hardly generated, and the blade is less worn and the probability of damage is low.

Series lineup

Model name KSS-2040
Motor 3.7~5.5kW
Unit dimensions 1,655mm(W)
Unit weight 1,000kg

Shredding sample

Rubber gloves

Before shredding
After shredding

PE Film

Before shredding
After shredding


Before shredding
After shredding

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